Karnapooranam is a complete solution for every kind of year problems and it’s really a unique treatment of Ayurveda.
This treatment especially designed for ear pain and related disorders and doubtlessly it’s a complete solution ensures caring and curing to ear patients.

Karnapooranam is the process in which warm, medicated oil or medicated liquid is gently, slowly poured into the ears. This lubricates the delicate filaments of the ear canal which sharpens hearing and removes impurities.

The treatment begins with an ear and partial head massage. The ear is then gently filled with drops of warm medicated oil.


Karnapooranam is the process in which warm oil or medicated liquid are poured into the ears. Bathing the ears in warm oil is calming and protective to the nervous system.
Karnapooranam strengthens structures of ear specially external ear, tympanic membrane and middle ear.
The mind disturbs due to many stress and psychological trauma. Karnapooranam benefits in psychological disorders like sleeplessness, depression and stress induced migraine by calming down brain and mind .
If taken regularly prevents ear infections.
It is very useful in balance disorders characterized by dizziness, vertigo and nausea.

Dosage: 8- 15 drops of luke warm oil instilled in the ears till it fills the canal.